Creating opportunities, building academic skills, and preparing students' for their futures.



The 19th Annual L.A. Day of the Dead/Dia de Los Muertos Event at Hollywood Forever Cemetery included hundreds of students and their families from the LACER Afterschool Programs this year. Sponsored by good people at Hollywood Forever, LACER’s King Drill Team performed on the Mainstage, and our Wilbur May Foundation Art Stars students made nichos for an epic collaborative art project, the #LACERexhibit. Photography donated by Ranee Vespi.

The L.A.C.E.R Afterschool Programs provide free classes in the arts, athletics, and academics every day after school, to more than 4,000 middle and high school students in Los Angeles.  L.A.C.E.R. is creating opportunities, building academic skills, and preparing students for their future.


Creating Opportunities

LACER Afterschool offers courses in over 50 different subjects in the Arts, Athletics, and Academics. From help with Trigonometry in the Homework Club, to lessons on an electric guitar in the Rock Band Workshop. LACER provides a wide-range of visual and performing arts classes, team sports including soccer and basketball, and the assistance and supplies students need to complete their homework and succeed.

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Building Academic Skills

LACER Afterschool Programs provide daily Homework Clubs at the high school and middle school level with qualified tutors to assist in every subject. Students and the tutoring team have all the supplies, printers, computers, and text books to get the job done. Students who attend LACER Afterschool five days a week, raise their grades by a full letter grade. The students who attend the most, graduate the most: the LACER graduation rate is 94%. When we look at student attendance, 86% of our student's go to school more school because they have LACER to go to after school.

LACER makes me feel safe, and it is the type of environment where you can meet ALL kinds of different people with different personalities.
— Vanessa, 8th grade LACER student

Preparing Student Futures

The LACER Afterschool Programs provide a safe and productive place to be after school, offering FREE opportunities every day, that can only be found after school at LACER. Students learn about themselves, the community around them, and take leadership in their lives, at school, and in the activities after school. Student Leadership groups plan special field trips, college preparation, lunch-time events, concerts, college visits, career fairs, and create advocacy events for issues that are important to them including immigration rights, women’s equality, and no-smoking and vaping campaigns.

  • 86% of students say LACER helped them learn to be collaborative,

  • 73% of students say they have a higher degree of commitment because of LACER and what they have learned in the classes.

  • LACER’s College and Career Program led by students and staff take part in a year-long process that includes Personal Statement Writing Workshops, FAFSA Panels and Career Fairs.





All made possible by community members like you. 

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